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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.

What is COMN?

COMN is a community-driven app that lets you share your clothes and their stories. This way you will be able to wear new items and experiment with different styles whilst doing the planet and your wallet a favour.

Upload your wardrobe onto the app, build a community of friends, create one common closet and swap again and again.

Here to make the world fall back in love with our clothes!

How does it work?
  1. Upload pictures and a description of your clothes on your “online closet” page.
  2. Find and connect with friends on COMN.
  3. Swap/receive the item. It moves into your online closet.
  4. Post a picture/story of you wearing the borrowed item(s) and tag the item in it. See how your story is alied to the history of the item.
  5. Return the item(s) to your friend.
How much does it cost?

The App can be used for free until summer 2020. Thereafter the App can be bought for a monthly subscription price indicated in the App store.

Who can I borrow from?

Anyone with a COMN profile that you are friends with via the app.

Will the clothes be returned to the owner?

YES! COMN is about swapping temporarily by default. The clothes will be returned to the owner at the specified date and time both parties have agreed upon. If you need to change the date and time for whatever reason you must notify the lender/ borrower asap by messaging them via our app.

How long can I borrow an item for?

You can swap the item for as long as both parties have agreed upon when organizing the swap. These details can be found in the app in your swapping history. If you would like to borrow the item for longer, ask the lender via the chat function in the app to check what’s possible.

What happens if someone borrows my clothes and damages them?

Clothes getting broken is something we want to prevent at all cost. Experience has shown that our users are extra careful when wearing an item that is not their own. Besides, we included the possibility to include wash instructions for every item to minimize the number of items not surviving the washing machine/dryer. However, with many swaps going on, unfortunate events like items getting damaged are inevitable. COMN is a community-based app that for now will be mostly about friends swapping with friends, as long as this assumption holds we expect friends to find a fair solution to the damaged item together. Possible solutions could be that the borrower:

  • Repairs the damaged item/
  • Pays a repair fee.
  • Pays a monetary value that reflects the perceived item value from the lender’s perspective, if the item cannot be repaired.
  • Gifts a new item.
  • Our advice is to agree upon a solution for the possibility of loss or damage beforehand with the person you share clothes with. Each swap is recorded in the app with a pop up screen between the lender and borrower and includes a chat where the agreement can be set.
  • Gifts a new item

In case, you don't manage to find a solution together, we would like you to contact us at, we will then get in contact with the borrower, and do our utmost to reach a favourable agreement. We are currently developing a mechanism to better secure your swaps and hope to release this as soon as possible so that everyone in our COMNunity has a good experience using COMN.

What is someone borrows my clothes and it is not returned?

When signing up to COMN users have agreed with our Terms of Use, which state that the item must be returned in the agreed upon manner and on the return date decided on into the app. In case, the borrower fails to return the item (on time), without notifying the lender we would like you to contact we will then get in contact with the borrower, and do our utmost to get the item back to you. We are currently developing a mechanism to better secure your swaps and hope to release this as soon as possible so that everyone in our COMNunity has a good experience using COMN.

How do I arrange the pick up or return of the clothes?

When sending the swap request the borrower needs to fill out a swap starting (and return) date. The lender can either confirm or change these. When both parties have confirmed the date and the time, the swap details get locked into the app. Further details, for example about where to swap the clothes, can be discussed in the chatbox. If you need to change the date and time for whatever reason you must notify the lender/ borrower asap by messaging them via the chat function.

Do you offer a delivery service?

We would love for COMN to become a reason for people to meet up in real life to swap clothes AND do something fun together. The more meetups we have initiated and new people we have connected the better! In aliition, we would not want to contribute to any other vans driving around delivering packages. Therefore, we will not yet offer delivery/pickup services. However, we do not exclude not offering it in the future when we have found a more sustainable solution to it.

Can I be selective with who sees my clothes?

YES! when uploading a new item you can decide to not put it on your public profile. This way only you will see it in your closet (on your profile). You can at any time edit an item in your closet to be shown on your public profile or to be made private.

Can I be selective with who borrows my clothes?

YES! only the users you have accepted as your COMN friends can borrow your clothes. In aliition, if your friend requests to borrow one of your items but you don’t feel like lending it out, you can always decide to not accept the swap request.

How do I take better photos of my clothes?

You as our COMNunity are the heartbeat of COMN. We would say the photos you take are our lungs hehe. We can’t enjoy the COMN life without some proper photos, the better they are the more enjoyable COMN becomes. Therefore, we have some tips and tricks from our style queens & kings to help you take great ones, without too much of a hassle.


  • Natural lighting is always favoured over artificial lighting, find a place close to a window or go outside!
  • You’ve got the best lighting on a cloudy day
  • Artificial lighting can cause your photos to look yellowish and may cause unwanted shadows

Clothes only vs. Clothes on Person

  • It doesn't’ really matter whether you use photos of the item only or you wearing the item to upload on your profile, as long as you keep some consistency in what the photos look like (background, colour, lighting etc.)
  • We have experienced that products that have both items only and item on person photos get more swap requests.
  • When taking a photo of the item only it is best to lay it out flat rather than photographing it on a hanger.


  • This is where you can make your profile stand out, be creative, but be wary of making it too distracting.
  • Again consistency is key! Use the same colour(s)/theme and same ratio between how much item vs how much background is shown.

Make it less of a hassle & more fun

For most people uploading the photos to the app is the least fun part, but it’s often less work and more fun than you expect! And be aware, COMN is not a resale platform, you are not trying to sell anything, and nobody is committing to buying anything. In the end, it is only about temporarily borrowing something, so if the borrower got the wrong impression of the item and won’t wear it, it is not the end of the world. However, investing some time in making/gathering great photos can help you in building your profile’s own identity and gain the attention from the COMNunity. Some tips on how to speed up the uploading process (and make it more fun):

  • Use existing photos of you or somebody else wearing the item. You most likely have an Instagram account from which you can take some photos, as well as some other random ones on your camera roll. No need to retake those, unless you are doing very well on creating a super cool creative consistent profile in which the photo doesn't quite fit.
  • Take the photos of the items after you washed them/before you fold them (if you do).
  • After you’ve taken a picture of your outfit of the day, before you post it on social media or let it disappear your camera roll, also ali it to your COMN profile.
  • When at a festival, any other special occasion or even just uni or work, ask one of your COMN friends to take a photo of you and take one of them.
  • Organize a little photoshoot with your friends, nothing special, no need to hire a professional photographer, just meet up and spend some time taking photos of each other and with each other. This also allows you to explore different ways on how to style your and your friends’ pieces together. Keep an eye on our socials to see when and where we organize another meet up.
  • Be careful with using stock photos. Stock photos are images taken from another website without asking their permission. Using them is often a breach of copyright and therefore against our terms of use.