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We believe in a global closet full of shared clothing stories.

COMN lets you share your clothes with your friends so can try new items and experiment with different styles, while doing the planet and your wallet a favour.

What is COMN

Discover how COMN works by clicking on your preferred storyline in our interactive video.

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Discover new clothes and styles

  • Make friends from the community

    Search for people you know or make new friends

  • Discover their styles

    Find items you like, discover new outfit combinations for items

  • Request to borrow their clothes

    Make it your own! Borrow their clothes, build an outfit and share a story

COMN Profile

Swap with friends

  • Expand your closet exponentially

    Find new styles, clothes and outfits, get new clothes without using your wallet

  • Keep track of your items

    See an overview of everything in your closet - and who has it

  • Extend the life of your closet

    Help the planet by not disposing on unworn clothes

Join a COMNunity

  • Share with specific friends

    Set up a COMNunity and share clothes with specific friends. Perfect for any occasion!

  • Group Chat

    Talk about your upcoming swaps, plan a meetup or even talk about which pizza to order tonight. It's all possible with Group Chat

  • Public COMNunities

    Join COMNunities ran by our public profiles


Share stories of your clothes

  • Our outfits are stories, share them with your friends
  • See what adventures the item has already been on with other borrowers
  • Get inspired to wear something new

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